Best Plus Size Strapless Bra- A Buyer’s Guide

Best Plus Size Strapless BraA Buyer’s Guidea woman in a plus size strapless bra

If you have a large bust or huge boobs, you know the struggles of all that weight hanging on your chest.

You as well know the hassle of trying to be attractive when you are at an event with curvy girls in bodycons and shoulderless dresses. But that needs not be a worry any more, as also get yourself strapless brassier that lets you wear whatever outfit you think will make you stylish. But how do you go about finding the best strapless bra for large breasts?

(i) Material of make

You don’t want your boobs to be grilled in sweltering summer heat or to be hurt by some rugged material.

You also wouldn’t want a bra that can’t stretch to snuggly fit your bust, considering the weight of your girls that has to be supported.

The best material for plus size strapless bras need to be comfortable and soft, warm but not sweltering hot, dry and not sweaty, as well as a material that will stay put. Some of the materials to go for include spandex/nylon combo and breathable cotton.

(ii) Stay-put ability

Your diddies are heavy and thus if cover them in a loose bra, then with all the tingling, you will have to keep pulling the thing up into position every other minute. Or else you would find yourself having to slip it into your handbag, having grabbed it as it fell down.

To avoid this embarrassment, look for a strap free bra that dons a number of hooks and eye pairs at the back, padded lining of the cups and band, side stays for extra support, and so on.

(iii) Versatility

You may not always want to wear a strapless (in some occasions) it may even be unreasonable to try pulling such stunts.

You don’t have to buy a separate set of strapped bras, since there are strapless bras with detachable bras. You just hook the straps into position when you want to have a day of hard work.

(iv) Right size

For almost all women, one of the biggest dilemmas when it comes to bras is finding the right size.

You either get smaller cups and a loose band or the vice versa. The problem is worse when you are huge. Once you know how to determine your bra size, experts advice going for a bra that is a cup size higher and a band size lower. This will ensure that the brassier stays put while allowing your boobs to breathe.

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